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Hi all!  Tex here – “rural fantasy” writer, comma placement specialist, and corn-fed genius. 

Tex ThompsonKidding about that last part.  It’s a hell of a thing, actually: despite being a total publishing rookie, I somehow managed to persuade the good people at Solaris that what the world REALLY needs is an epic fantasy Western series: you know, a little bit Firefly, a little bit Dark Tower, with cowboys and natives and fishmen and one truly bad-ass science nun.  

It’s a setting based loosely off of the American Southwest, in a world that runs on ‘culture magic’.  And although the big brutal clash of the industrialized east and the indigenous west has ended (for now) in a stalemate, all that blood and violence has seeped into the land itself, leaving behind a kind of mystical radiation poisoning that’s warping the people and creatures who live in it.  No need for Dark Lords or Chosen Ones here: as it turns out, all it takes is a couple of hopelessly ignorant cowboys, thirteen yearling horses, and one horrible accident to drag the surrendered border town of Sixes back to the brink of a past that seems hell-bent on repeating itself.

Needless to say, the rest of my life isn’t nearly that exciting.  I live in Dallas with my hetero life-mate and a refurbished cat named Peaches, and am currently serving as the editor for the DFW Writers Conference.  

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Children of the Drought Series

One Night in Sixes

One Night in Sixes | Paperback & ebook | ISBN: 978-1781082386
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medicine for the deadMedicine for the Dead | Paperback & ebook | ISBN: 978-1781083079
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