E. C. Ambrose

As E. C. Ambrose, I’m the author of the Dark Apostle series from DAW books, a dark historical fantasy series about medieval surgery.  (Yeah, I know, “dark” and “medieval surgery” is kind of redundant, but I want to make sure E. C. Ambroseyou know what you’re getting into.)  The series started with Elisha Barber.

My short fiction has won the Tenebris Press Flash Fiction contest 2012 and is forthcoming in Fireside.  You may also have seen my non-fiction pieces “The Romance of Ruins” and “Spoiler Alert!” in Clarkesworld magazine.  I blog about the intersections between history and fantasy at ecambrose.wordpress.com and I can be found on Facebook and on twitter @ecambrose  but the real home of all things Dark Apostle is here.

When I’m not writing, reading grim and gory history books, or visiting strange museums, I work as an adventure guide, taking teens into the White Mountains of New Hampshire for hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and campfire stories.  All of them have come home alive. . . so far.

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The Dark Apostle series

Elisha Barber

Elisha Barber | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-0756408350
Amazon | Barnes & NoblePowell’s | Kobo


Elisha Magus | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-0756409265
Amazon | Barnes & NoblePowell’s | Kobo

Elisha Rex

Elisha Rex | Hardcover | ISBN: 978- 0698188525 | Release: July 7th, 2015
Amazon | Barnes & NoblePowell’s | Kobo

Grail Maiden

The Grail Maiden: A Dark Apostle Novella | ebook (with trade paperback soon)
Amazon.com |Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

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