J. Kathleen Cheney

J. Kathleen CheneyHello, this is J. Kathleen Cheney.  My debut novel The Golden City came out in November of 2013, and is a tale of a sereia and her quest to stop a murderer in an alternate 1902 Portugal.  It was followed by The Seat of Magic and The Shores of Spain.

My husband and I currently live in Oklahoma, but we’re actually both Texans.  We live in a comfy home in the middle of the state with two Airedale Terriers who are our fluffy masters.  Occasionally, they let me do some gardening and a bit of writing.

My work has popped up before in several magazines and anthologies, among them Fantasy Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Jim Baen’s Universe.  My novella “Iron Shoes” was a 2010 Nebula Finalist.  

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The Golden City series

The Golden City

The Golden City | Trade Paperback | ISBN: 978-0451417749
Amazon | Barnes & NoblePowell’s | Kobo

Seat of Magic

The Seat of Magic | Trade Paperback | ISBN: 978-0451417763
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Kobo

shores of spain

The Shores of Spain | Trade Paperback | ISBN: 978-0451472915
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Kobo

Palace of Dreams series

Dreaming Death

Dreaming Death | Trade Paperback & ebook | ISBN: 978-0451472939 | Release: February 2nd, 2016
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Kobo

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