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Cover Reveal: THE CLOCKWORK CROWN by Beth Cato

Clockwork Crown

Beth Cato here. I’m super-excited to share with you the cover for my next book, The Clockwork Crown. It’s due out on June 9th, 2015. This is the sequel to The Clockwork Dagger and completes the duology.

Narrowly surviving assassination and capture, Octavia Leander, a powerful magical healer, is on the run with handsome Alonzo Garrett, the Clockwork Dagger who forfeited his career with the Queen’s secret society of spies and killers—and possibly his life—to save her. Now, they are on a dangerous quest to find safety and answers: Why is Octavia so powerful? Why does she seem to be undergoing a transformation unlike any witnessed for hundreds of years?

The truth may rest with the source of her mysterious healing power—the Lady’s Tree. But the tree lies somewhere in a rough, inhospitable territory known as the Waste. Eons ago, this land was made barren and uninhabitable by an evil spell, until a few hardy souls dared to return over the last century. For years, the Waste has waged a bloody battle against the royal court to win its independence—and they need Octavia’s powers to succeed.

Joined by unlikely allies, including a menagerie of gremlin companions, she must evade killers and Clockwork Daggers on a dangerous journey through a world on the brink of deadly civil war.

Cover Reveal: BARSK: THE ELEPHANTS’ GRAVEYARD by Lawrence M. Schoen

Barsk by Lawrence M. Schoen

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, may I present for your anticipation, gradual build-up of ultimately brain-wrenching desire, and immediate viewing pleasure, the cover of my forthcoming novel, Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard.

My editor informs me that the release doesn’t happen until December, but the way I choose to spin that is it creates an opportunity for a solid ten months of buzz, and a cover reveal is an awesome beginning.

The cover art is by Victo Ngai, a Society of Illustrators NY Gold Medalist (she actually has a stack of gold and silver medals), and depicts her conception of one of the artificial “vents” that occur within the rainforests of the islands of Barsk. Specifically, a shaft visited by Pizlo, a young boy whose very existence is outside the strictures of Barsk culture.

He hung in open air, ruminating, suspended upside down in a well-tended shaft walled on all sides with living green. Seven such chimneys existed on the island of Keslo; every island on Barsk boasted at least one. Fant society created the insubstantial monuments as part memorial and part warning. Few reached all the way to the uppermost limits of the forest, or ran all the way down to its roots.

Barsk is a world of almost constant rain and breaks in the cloud cover are infrequent. Rarer still are the times when the clouds happen to part and allow a glimpse of any of the planet’s moons. In the scene Victo Ngai referenced for the cover, Pizlo has gone to a specific chimney at a specific time, following the urging of the voices in his head, to see his third of Barsk’s seven moons. Pizlo is a weird little kid, and he’s convinced the moon not only speaks to him, but tells him secrets.

And that’s going to have to hold you for a while, but I promise, there’ll be more hooplah in the weeks and months to come.


Cover reveal: SERIOUSLY WICKED by Tina Connolly

Seriously Wicked by Tina Connolly

Tina Connolly’s SERIOUSLY WICKED is a YA about a girl who’s being raised by a seriously wicked witch. It contains:

* 1 sweet boy-band boy
* 1 dragon who lives in an RV garage
* 1 demon who occasionally imitates Elvis
* 1 hidden phoenix that’s going to explode on Halloween
* 1 witch who just wants to run the whole city, sheesh, is that too much to ask?
* 1 girl named Cam trying to fix it all


Cover reveal: E.C. Ambrose with ELISHA MAGUS

E.C. Ambrose debuted the cover of Elisha Magus on Goodreads a few days ago–now it’s Novelocity’s turn! This second book in the Dark Apostle series will come out July 1st in hardcover and ebook.


In Elisha Magus, the barber-surgeon, feared and hunted for his spectacular regicide, finds himself under the protection of a duke, and offered the duke’s daughter, Rosalynn, in marriage. When Elisha escorts Rosalynn to a retreat in the New Forest, he hopes to recover the dread talisman stolen by his lover and teacher, Brigit, after the battle. Elisha learns more about the shadowy nature of witches and the truth of his own power: that he has become so close to Death that he is indivisible from it—a power that Brigit is desperate to learn. Does his knowledge make him a necromancer, feeding on the fear and pain of others?

When he befriends the discredited Prince Thomas, Elisha has the chance to forge a more just nation, but his enemies grow stronger and more vicious, wielding the power of death to craft a reign of horrors that will blacken the future of England—and maybe the world.

Cover Reveal: Michael R. Underwood with SHIELD AND CROCUS

Michael is excited to reveal the full cover spread for Shield and Crocus, to be released in June from 47North!


In a city built among the bones of a fallen giant, a small group of heroes looks to reclaim their home from the five criminal tyrants who control it.

The city of Audec-Hal sits among the bones of a Titan. For decades it has suffered under the dominance of five tyrants, all with their own agendas. Their infighting is nothing, though, compared to the mysterious “Spark-storms” that alternate between razing the land and bestowing the citizens with wild, unpredictable abilities. It was one of these storms that gave First Sentinel, leader of the revolutionaries known as the Shields of Audec-Hal, power to control the emotional connections between people—a power that cost him the love of his life.

Now, with nothing left to lose, First Sentinel and the Shields are the only resistance against the city’s overlords as they strive to free themselves from the clutches of evil. The only thing they have going for them is that the crime lords are fighting each other as well—that is, until the tyrants agree to a summit that will permanently divide the city and cement their rule of Audec-Hal.

It’s one thing to take a stand against oppression, but with the odds stacked against the Shields, it’s another thing to actually triumph.



 Available for preorder:

Amazon | Barnes & NoblePowell’s

Cover Reveal: Michael R. Underwood with ATTACK THE GEEK

The cover for Attack The Geek: A Ree Reyes Side-Quest is now out in the world! Attack the Geek drops on April 7th, 2014.

Set after Celebromancy, Attack the Geek is a shorter work (about 1/2 the length of Geekomancy or Celebromancy) that tells the story of one crazy night at Grognard’s Grog and Games.

Attack the Geek

A side quest novella in the bestselling Geekomancy urban fantasy series–when D&D style adventures go from the tabletop to real life, look out!

Ree Reyes, urban fantasy heroine of Geekomancy, is working her regular barista/drink-slinger shift at Grognard’s when it all goes wrong. Everything.

As with Geekomancy (pop culture magic!) and its sequel Celebromancy (celebrity magic!), Attack the Geek is perfect for anyone who wants to visit a world “where all the books and shows and movies and games [that you] love are a source of power, not only in psychological terms, but in practical, villain-pounding ones” (Marie Brennan, award-winning author of A Natural History).

I love the recurring use of the dice in the titling of the series. And I think this has my favorite image of Ree so far – it shows her in a scene, where the previous covers were more ‘here’s the hero, and a sense of the setting’ And as a gamer who has had more than a few instances where the dice were trying to kill my character or my gaming group, the idea of being attacked by dice is quite fitting.

You can preorder Attack the Geek on Amazon. It’s out April 7th!

Cover Reveal: Beth Cato with THE CLOCKWORK DAGGER

Beth Cato:
From the time I could work scissors, I designed my own books and bound them with staples or tied string. Most often, the subject matter was some fantastic tale involving horses or cats.  I always played with the cover design, using things like contact paper and lace scraps along with my pencil drawings.

Well, I’m past the point of using cardboard and yarn now. My cover for The Clockwork Dagger was out of my direct control and in the hands of a full design team. A good cover can sell a book. It can kill a book. My foremost concern, though, was honesty.

See, my male lead, Alonzo Garret, is described as having nutmeg-toned skin. The Clockwork Dagger isn’t told in his voice, but he’s essential to the story. When I pictured my cover, I wanted to see Alonzo and my heroine, Octavia, together. I didn’t want his skin lightened to make the book “more marketable.”

I was blessed with a publisher and an editor who shared my vision. There was no hesitation, and absolutely no white-washing!

Clockwork Dagger

I’m delighted with my cover. Alonzo looks strong and resolute–he completely has her back. Octavia looks like she’s about to shrug off that coat and jump to heal someone she shouldn’t heal, and likely cause a great deal of mischief.

When I emailed the cover to my mom, she squealed with delight as we spoke on the phone. “It’s so exciting to see your name on the cover like that! It’s real.”

“Well, you’ve seen me designing my book covers like this since I was four.”

“But this cover doesn’t have a horse on it!”

True, Mom. The sequel probably won’t, either. But maybe the book after that…

The Clockwork Dagger is due out this September.

Cover Reveal: DRIFT by M.K. Hutchins

Drift by M.K. Hutchins

M.K. Hutchins:
I love the font, the bubbles, the rich colors, the huge scale of the turtle. Making a cover is a process, one I happily got to be involved in. Over at the Lee & Low blog, my editor talks about the various concepts that came before the final cover. I’m excited to see the final book — the turtle/island wraps around to the back cover.

Tenjat lives on the shores of Hell, an ocean filled with ravenous naga monsters. His island, a massive Turtle, is slowed by the people living on its back. Only those poor enough to need children to support themselves in old age condescend to the shame of marriage. Tenjat is poor as poor gets, but he has a plan.

In the center of the island rises a giant Tree, where the Handlers—those who defend and rule the island—live. Against his sister’s wishes, Tenjat joins the Handlers. He couldn’t have picked a more dangerous time. The Turtle is nearing a coral reef where it desperately needs to feed, but the naga will swarm just before they reach it. Even novices like Tenjat are needed for the battle.

Can Tenjat discover his sister’s secrets in time? Will the possibility of love derail all his plans for a richer, marriage-free life? Long-held secrets will at last be revealed in this breathtaking debut from M. K. Hutchins.

Find it on Goodreads

Cover Reveal: Tina Connolly with SILVERBLIND

tina_connolly-300x450I’m so thrilled to show off the cover for the third Ironskin book! I
have loved all these covers and this one is no exception. I love how
fierce Dorie looks, and I love the colors that the artist, Larry
Rostant, used. It absolutely fits my conception of Dorie tromping
around in a forest, tangling with silvertail wyverns. Here’s the
synopsis for you, and the book comes out from Tor on Oct 7, 2014!


18 years later . . .

Dorie Rochart has been hiding her fey side for a long time. Now,
finished with University, she plans to study magical creatures and
plants in the wild, bringing long-forgotten cures to those in need.
But when no one will hire a girl to fight basilisks, she releases her
shapechanging fey powers–to disguise herself as a boy.

While hunting for wyvern eggs, she saves a young scientist who’s about
to get steamed by a silvertail– and finds her childhood friend Tam
Grimsby, to whom she hasn’t spoken in seven years. Not since she
traded him to the fey. She can’t bear to tell him who she really is,
but every day grows harder as he comes to trust her.

The wyverns are being hunted to extinction for the powerful compounds
in their eggs. The fey are dying out as humans grow in power. Now Tam
and Dorie will have to decide which side they will fight for. And if
they end up on opposite sides, can their returning friendship survive?

Find it on Amazon.

More information on my website.

Cover Reveal: Steve Bein with DISCIPLE OF THE WIND

I must say I am thrilled with the cover for Disciple of the Wind, the third novel of the Fated Blades. This is the third kick-ass cover in a row from Christian McGrath. I could not be happier with it. I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have drawn Chris for my cover artist — not only because he’s great, but because he visits Japan on a regular basis. He gets the visual culture, which really shows through on these covers.

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